My name is Louison Menoux, I am a freelance 3D Motion Designer since 2014.

Having earned my diploma in Product Design, my journey took me from Paris to Frankfurt Germany in 2008 where I immersed myself in Motion Design projects. Since 2022, I am now based in Marquartstein in the Munich area where my reach extends across Germany, collaborating with studios on a global scale for a diverse range of projects including events, explainers, advertising, as well as VR and AR experiences.

My tools are After Effects and the Adobe Suite but my trusted companion is Cinema4D paired with Octane and Redshift.

Working remote as well as on-site, my German, French, and English enables me to seamlessly integrate cross-cultural teams.

I am always ready to team up for new projects. If you have an idea or want to talk about things we could work on together, say hello! I am here and excited to bring my skills to the table.